Case Studies

"When Jane and I sat down and worked out how much the system will generate for us over the next 25 years it really was a 'no-brainer'. I really love a..."

Richie Woodhall – Former WBC Super Middleweight World Champion

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Why Invest?

In a world where rapidly increasing energy costs are becoming more evident by the day - particularly electricity - more and more businesses are now looking at ways they can protect themselves from this unwelcome and unpredictable skyward trend.

A Commercial Solar Photovoltaic system is a cost effective and financially rewarding solution.

Imagine your energy company sending your business a cheque every three months for the next 20 years… it’s not a fantasy, it’s a reality!

If you have the roof space or adjacent land, owning your own ‘mini power station’ will yield many benefits:

  • Favourable investment return on capital employed via 2012 Feed-In-Tariff (10% or better annual return currently attainable)
  • Returns benefit from RPI linkage over a 20 year term
  • Hedge against rapidly rising energy costs
  • Reduction in the consumption of commercial electricity
  • Lower carbon output
  • Enhanced environmental credentials among staff, customers and suppliers
  • Competitive edges through reduced energy overheads
  • Maximising consumption of self-generated electricity boosts investment returns
  • Relatively low maintenance - periodic cleaning of modules
  • System monitoring and maintenance can be cost-effectively sub-contracted
  • Government backed – administered by major energy companies
  • Generally low levels of disruption to install
  • Benefits transferable to third party if host property is sold

Visit our Feed-in-Tariff section to see the current financial terms.