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Ellerdine Guest House Rakes in Highest Yield per kW

The owners of a thriving Shropshire bed and breakfast establishment are feeling very pleased with themselves today, as the photovoltaic system they had installed by Salop Energy Commercial Ltd 12 months ago has produced what the company believe to be the highest yielding system per kW they have installed in Shropshire so far.

Mike and Maddie Heath from Drakeley House, Ellerdine near Telford invested in the 4 Kw SANYO hybrid system to reduce their electricity bills at the establishment.

What they did not bargain for was the amount of additional tax free income the system would generate or indeed the bumper yield of self-generated electricity.

Mike Heath explained "We received a call from Salop Energy Commercial a week before our first year anniversary from when the system was installed and commissioned, and were asked to record the reading on our generation meter when the 12 month period arrived."

"The official reading exactly 12 months to the day indicated we had generated 4,209 kilowatt hour units of electricity, this was quite staggering as we were only predicted to produce 3,336 units by the SAP 2009 software that the company have to use to be impartial."

Gareth Jehu Director of Salop Energy Commercial Ltd commented “Mr and Mrs Heath stuck their neck out and invested in the highest quality range of modules on the market by purchasing the SANYO hybrid panels, but like a lot of things in life ‘you get what you pay for.

"That said a lot of our other clients have done the same and got far significantly better yields than they would have done by selecting standard Monocrystalline panels.

"But thanks to a perfectly pitched roof facing in the right direction, and a very well matched quality inverter, this system has performed out of its skin."

Mike Heath went on to say “In just twelve months we have had cheques back from our utility company totalling well over £1,820.00, on top of this of course we have benefitted from the electricity savings we have made by using the power the system generates during daylight hours; which we estimate to be around another £200.00.

"We chose the SANYO hybrid modules for a number of reasons, but I guess the number one priority was selecting a panel that would not detract from the look of our property."