A dedicated loan that allows
you to pay for a Solar PV system

At last you can OWN a quality Solar PV system without any initial capital outlay with...



Zero Upfront Payment

Have a solar PV system fitted at your home for free – no payment whatsoever is required at installation.

Earn up to £18k

Over 20 years your family can see returns of up to £18000 all for an initial outlay of £0.

Take advantage of FITs

Once installed with a SolarSense loan, you own the system outright.

This means the full Feed-in Tariff is paid into your bank account.

Pays for itself

Many families will cover their costs from day one as the returns from the FITs payments and electricity savings cover their loan repayments - even whilst paying off the SolarLoan many will see real savings.

Pay for up to 10 years, earn for 20

Once the loan is paid off you can expect to earn around £1,500 per year rising to £2,000 in year 20 as grid electricity prices continue to, and benefit from every penny climb.


All the benefits of Solar PV, no upfront costs

Introducing ’SolarSense’ from Salop Energy Commercial Ltd: a dedicated loan that allows you to pay for a solar PV system out of the income you generate from the Feed-in Tariff and energy bill savings. This means that you can get all the benefits of a government-backed, tax-free, index-linked investment product without needing to make the upfront investment yourself.

How does SolarSense work?

It’s very simple. One of Salop Energy Commercial’s Home Energy Surveyors will visit your property and then design the perfect solar electricity system for your roof. We then work with our finance partner to calculate fixed monthly loan repayments and set up the loan itself. The exact amount of each monthly payment will depend on the size of the system you choose.

Depending on where you live and the orientation of your roof, many families will be able to cover the whole of the cost from the system income. Others may need to contribute a few pounds each month - the skyward trend in electricity prices mean that you will soon be saving more than you spend.

Once you decide you wish to proceed there is nothing to pay upfront, Salop Energy Commercial will install the system using our highly experienced roofing and electrical teams.

Upon completion of the installation, (which generally takes a day with minimal disruption) you will be generating your own free electricity from the sun. One of our technicians will then run through the correct operation of the system and answer any other questions you may have.

You will then be asked to sign a note saying that you are completely satisfied with the installation, and from then on, both your loan and Feed-in Tariff payments will begin. Salop Energy Commercial will assist and help with the formalities involved setting up your Feed in tariff payments, like we have done with hundreds of clients previously.

If at any point in the future you wish to pay off the SolarSense loan early, or to pay slightly more back each month then that’s completely fine.

There are neither charges for early completion nor any settlement fees, just a simple and straightforward 7.9% APR fixed loan payable over the term you have chosen.